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In the digital age, understanding copyright law is crucial for every business. You can find just about anything you want with the click of a mouse, but sharing or re-using published content can get you into hot water if you’re not careful. At Access Copyright, we are a not-for-profit organization that helps Canadian businesses comply with copyright law through our licensing solutions.

Before emailing copies of published journal articles to colleagues or allowing your sales or marketing team to distribute reference materials to potential clients, you need to ensure you have permission to do so. If you don’t, it could expose your company to significant financial liabilities.

Our licensing options allow you to meet your content needs legally. We work with a variety of creators and publishers throughout Canada and the world to provide annual and pay-per-use copyright licensing options to grant your organization the ability to reuse content from over 100 million published works.

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Title Search & Permissions

Search our Title Search & Permissions Tool to see if the title you wish to copy is covered under your Access Copyright licence.

Are you looking for permission to copy beyond the terms of your licence or seeking permission for one-time use? Access Copyright’s Permissions Services can help.

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At Access Copyright, we are here to help. Learn about the latest in copyright law and reuse permissions on our blog.

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Do you have questions about using published materials? Do you want to learn more about licensing for your business? Are you confused about how copyright works in general?

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Ease of use

One annual licence covers copyright-protected material from millions of works from Canada and around the world.


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We offer a worry-free solution that allows employees to legally share content and remain in compliance with Canada’s Copyright Act.


Speed and efficiency

Reduce your administrative need to request, track and purchase permissions for each use of copyright-protected material.

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We offer two primary copyright clearance options for organizations: annual licensing and pay-per-use licensing. Contact us today to secure your licence and to learn more about how we can help your organization comply with copyright law.