ICYMI: A Quick Overview of Our Webinar on Risk Management and the Economic Value of Copyright Licensing

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At Access Copyright, we want to make sure professionals in all industries driven by innovation and research have proper copyright licensing, so they can continue their consulting and research without running into the legal issues that copyright infringement can create. In addition to offering copyright licensing solutions, we are thought leaders, and our webinars are an excellent way to learn more about the value of copyright licensing.

Recently, we hosted a webinar with the editor of Canadian Consulting Engineer, Peter Saunders, along with Mary Ellen Bates, the principal of Bates Information Services based in Colorado. The webinar featured an engaging discussion on the economic value of copyright licensing and its benefits to those involved with consulting, research and development.

To kick things off, the webinar covered the basics of copyright. While we traditionally think of books, articles, and journals as the only things that can be copyrighted, any materials produced by a creator are impacted by copyright law.

It was also mentioned that even if something is published electronically on the web, you must still obtain permission from the person who is in possession of the copyright to share it, print it, or distribute it. Even if you find it on the web and access it for free, this does not automatically give you the reuse rights to this information. Additionally, if you have a subscription to a digital publication, this does not necessarily give you the ability to make copies of the articles included and electronically share them.

The importance of checking with your legal counsel if you are worried about your organization and its compliance with copyright was stressed throughout the session. A significant amount of legal guidance today relies on court cases and the interpretation of these cases, so a lawyer can provide additional guidance and insight.

This recent webinar was a great success, and we look forward to hosting more like it in the near future. If you would like to listen to the webinar in its entirety, we would be happy to share a copy of the recording with you.