Why Copyright Services for Businesses are Essential for Biotech Firms

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Sharing information with your peers in the scientific community is key to developing and patenting effective therapies, but how often do you consider that the majority of this vital research is protected by copyright law?

Why Copyright Services for Businesses are Essential for Biotech Firms

For larger firms, ensuring compliance with copyright typically falls to an information specialist familiar with copyright services for businesses. For smaller operations, in striving to be financially prudent, the acquirement of these necessary permissions often gets overlooked and may put your company at unnecessary financial and legal risk.

For example, did you know that often when a biotech firm purchases an article for download, only a single user can access it? For the article to be shared further within an organization, additional permission must be obtained. Additionally, when a research article is accessed using an old academic account, that may be an example of copyright infringement.

When scientific content is unlawfully shared and distributed, it undermines the integrity biotech firms and researchers value. As a result, it’s critical that life science firms are diligent about obtaining the needed permissions to use copyright-protected content. Doing so should be seen as part of your company’s corporate social responsibility policies and a signal that you support the ethical sharing of content, especially in the digital age, where information can be easily accessed and shared improperly.

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