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If you purchase articles or documents through a document delivery provider, our licence can reduce the possibility of copyright infringement.

If your business relies on the latest articles from key journals, you may be obtaining that content through a document delivery provider such as Research Solutions/Reprints Desk, PressReader, or RightFind. However, there is an important step you can’t forget to take when you purchase new content: ensuring your company is complying with copyright law when sharing it with coworkers or clients.

Document Delivery, Canada

Our Access for Business annual licensing solution makes document delivery a seamless process by helping to eliminate obstacles that could prevent your business from being able to legally distribute documents without risking inadvertent copyright infringement.

Access Copyright is your full-service provider, offering, through our licences, copyright permissions on all titles within our repertoire of over 100 million published titles, including journal articles and technical standards.

After purchasing copyright-protected content, your licence will allow you to store, make copies and share them within your organization, as well as with other Access Copyright licensees. You may also be able to provide a single copy upon request to a client. We can also facilitate additional external, pay-per-use distribution to others who are not directly affiliated with your organization.

Access Copyright has partnered with Research Solutions/Reprints Desk to offer customers integration with the Article Galaxy® platform, which enables our customers to view the reuse rights available to them under their licence with us at the time of document ordering. For more information about the advantages of an Access for Business licence, contact us today.