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Exchanging information about construction and technological research is critical within the engineering and consulting industries. Yet, it can be easy to accidentally breach copyright law by sharing content without first acquiring the right permissions. Engineering firms are ethically and legally required to ensure copyright law is protected. Purchasing a licence minimizes legal risk, while also demonstrating respect for others’ work and ensuring that those who have created and published it are fairly compensated.

Most literary works accessed by engineers and consultants are covered by copyright. If one of the members of your team shares original graphs, images, text, or tables that were made by someone else, they may infringe copyright. This applies to engineering data and papers, industry journal articles, magazine and newspaper articles, and more.

Our licences at Access Copyright give your team the right to share and copy both digital and printed content. This includes magazines and newspapers from around the world, market research data, research papers, graphs, tables, and competitive analyses. It also applies to engineering journal articles from publishers like Canadian Science Publishing, ASCE, and CSA.

How do our licensing solutions benefit engineering firms and organizations? Our licences cover your entire company for internal document sharing needs and prevent you from needing to seek individual permissions from copyright owners. This saves time and hassle while providing peace of mind that your employees won’t breach copyright law.

Confidently proceed with sharing content as you work on projects and reports. To learn more about our licensing solutions and how they apply to the engineering field, download our free brochure.

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