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Simplifying copyright clearance and preventing infringement

Your team is driven by communication and innovation. Using valuable time to verify rights and obtain individual permission to copy and share published content limits your productivity. Drive your business forward, increase efficiency, and maximize productivity by obtaining copyright permissions through Access Copyright. Businesses throughout Canada take advantage of the copyright permissions we provide and benefit from our licensing solutions to be able to legally use and share the expansive collection of articles, poetry, studies, and other works contained within our repertoire.

Copyright Permissions in Canada

The Copyright Act outlines the rights of copyright holders, including the exclusive right to produce, reproduce, perform, or publish any translation of their work. The copyright permissions obtained through our licences authorize the reuse of copyright-protected works. Without ensuring you have the proper permission to share, you could face costly legal consequences for infringement.

As a national, not-for-profit organization, Access Copyright helps Canadian businesses simplify copyright considerations. We offer licensing options that support the unique content needs of businesses in a variety of industries, providing customized annual and pay-per-use licensing options that provide access to permissions for over 100 million published works.

Our licensing solutions provide ease of use, peace of mind, speed, and efficiency to support the content use and distribution needs of any business. For additional information, or to find out more about copyright permissions for your business, contact us today.