Why Your Business Should Invest in an Annual Copyright Licence

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If you run a fast-paced organization, you rely on published content to drive innovation and collaboration. An unhampered ability to use and share content not just moves your objectives forward, but also makes your research and development as efficient as possible.

Why Your Business Should Invest in an Annual Copyright Licence

One of best ways you can is investing in our annual copyright licence. At Access Copyright, we highly recommend our comprehensive licencing option for organizations that regularly conduct research and development, clinical research, and clinical trials. Our licence is also tailor made for organizations conducting marketing activities or those involved in medical affairs.

Three reasons why an annual copyright licence is a beneficial investment:

  • Legal compliance — With our copyright licence, your business can legally use copyrighted materials and minimize the risk of infringement so your business can protest itself from costly legal disputes and potential reputational damages.
  • Predictable costs — Our licence comes with a fixed annual fee, bringing cost predictability when compared with individual, one-time licencing agreements, an important consideration come budget time.
  • Streamlined processes — Our licence streamlines the process of acquiring and managing permissions for copyrighted materials, reducing administrative overhead associated with negotiating and obtaining licences for each use.

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