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We provide comprehensive licences for businesses.

Easily comply with copyright law through Access Copyright’s licensing solutions for businesses. Our licences provide vital support for the day-to-day operations of Canadian businesses, from mining to government, insurance, law, biotech and pharma, finance and banking, engineering and consulting, non-profit organizations, and more. Our licences give your organization permission to share and re-use materials protected by copyright.

We work with thousands of publishers and creators throughout the world to build our repertoire of over 100 million published works. With one of our licences, you have the permission you need to share and reuse content without exposing your business to significant legal and financial risk through infringing copyright.

We offer a blanket annual licence that provides pre-cleared permission for copying and distributing material within the Access Copyright repertoire, as well as a pay-per-use, transactional licence where permission would be purchased prior to each case of content use. Select the right licensing for your business’ needs. For additional information about our licences for business, please reach out to us today.

BioTech, Pharma, & Life Sciences Firms

Financial, Banking, & Investment Firms

Engineering, Consulting, & Research Firms

Non-Profit Organizations

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Why Choose Us?

Ease of use

One licence covers copyright-protected material from 100 million published works from Canada and around the world.

Peace of mind

We offer a worry-free solution that allows employees to legally share content and remain in compliance with Canada’s Copyright Act.

Speed and efficiency

Our annual licence reduces the administrative need to request, track, and purchase permissions for use of copyright-protected material.