Copyright Licensing and Its Value for Your Organization

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In recent years, an increasing number of organizations, likely including yours, have come to rely on shared information, particularly in the finance, biotech, R&D, and engineering sectors. Your organization may, for example, frequently redistribute articles by sharing them with external collaboration partners or utilizing published reports for internal training sessions.

Copyright Licensing and Its Value for Your Organization

According to a study conducted by Outsell in 2023, approximately 49% of the information shared internally within small to large organizations originates from third-party sources. So, while your organization relies heavily on this information, much of it coming from external sources and protected by copyright, to propel your business, you may be uncertain of your organization’s copyright policy.

To prevent issues related to potential copyright infringement when sharing content, your organization may choose to rely on free/open-access content. However, this approach has its limitations, including:

  • The article may be a draft or a preprint.
  • The article may have been scanned and contain errors.
  • The information may lack essential raw data, such as graphs, tables, etc.
  • The article may not be acceptable for regulatory or legal filings.
  • The article may have sharing limitations based the purpose of use (i.e., commercial uses)

Since your organization wants to respect the intellectual property of others and encourage other organizations to respect yours as well, obtaining a reuse content licence can provide strategic value. With an annual copyright licence, you can keep pace with innovation by accessing and sharing content more easily and cost effectively. And with a copyright licence, you have additional rights for legally sharing copyright-protected content that the terms and conditions of the article may not allow, thereby enhancing the return on investment for your subscription and content expenditures.

A licence ensures you can be confident that the content you need gets to the right people within your organization. Information delivery is simplified, and adhering to copyright law is seamless.

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