Why Copyright Compliance is Essential for Medical Affairs Departments

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If you work on a medical affairs team within a pharmaceutical or medical device company as a medical liaison, your role is largely dependent on receiving and managing critical communications in a timely fashion. You may be responsible for efforts that explain the real-world applications of pharmaceuticals to key opinion leaders in the scientific community. You may also communicate with internal stakeholders, physicians, government agencies, and regulators on a regular basis to manage relationships and monitor your product’s reception. Ultimately, your work involves communicating with influencers and developing strategy by providing valuable insight during early development decisions and evaluating partnership opportunities.

Why Copyright Compliance is Imperative for All Medical Affairs Departments

As a trusted, reliable source of information for those you work with internally and externally, you must maintain compliant access to the most up-to-date medical and scientific literature for all of these activities. As a result, you may find yourself responsible for managing access to subscriptions and scientific literature.

If your organization has yet to implement a literature management tool, there are multiple reasons why instituting one can greatly benefit your department and organization as a whole – not to mention make your job easier. Such a tool in conjunction with a copyright licence can help facilitate external collaboration, allow your team to stay on top of the latest information, and streamline your access to subscribed content, all while simplifying and ensuring copyright compliance.

When you develop and disseminate scientific materials to the healthcare community you serve, a copyright licence will help ensure copyright compliance when sharing reprints of articles that your organization has legally obtained through your subscriptions, document delivery, or literature management systems.

At Access Copyright, our not-for-profit organization provides licensing options that can help your medical affairs department confidently meet your ongoing content needs legally. Contact us today for more information about our licensing options and how they can help your organization comply with copyright law.