Do you manage your firm’s copyright efforts?

One Simple, Affordable Corporate Licence Can Ensure Your Company is Always Compliant.

Access Copyright

You’re probably already doing a fantastic job with internal copyright compliance, but we all know that sometimes things can slip through the cracks. It can definitely be a challenge to stay on top of it all if you want to always be compliant.

We are Access Copyright, a non-profit organization that operates under the authority of the Copyright Board of Canada and we’re proud to be Canada’s #1 corporate partner for copyright compliance.

Our goal is to make your life around copyright as easy as possible. With just one simple and cost-effective licence, you can ensure that your entire organization is covered.

Interested in learning more? In just a quick 15-minute chat, we can tell you exactly if and how it can work for you and your company.

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What is Access for Business?

Access for Business is a licence agreement that provides corporations, not-for-profits, municipalities and other organizations with convenient, pre-cleared permission to copy portions of more than 100-million published titles.

What can I do under Access for Business?
Those covered under an Access for Business licence can share articles by email, data for market intelligence updates in meetings, charts and photos for presentations, as well as industry-specific information for internal training among other uses. An Access for Business licence is a low-cost solution that adds a layer of coverage on top of the coverage through the subscriptions that you or other people in your organization already hold and use.
How much does a licence cost?

The cost of an annual Access for Business licence is determined by multiplying a company’s full-time equivalent employees (FTEs) by the predetermined per-FTE rate for that company’s industry. The predefined per-FTE rate for a specific industry is intended to reflect the typical content-usage patterns within that industry, focusing on how much and what type of content is reused collected through survey data from companies across sectors over many years. This approach ensures that the cost of the licence is affordable for the size of your business.

Each business is unique. That’s why we encourage you to reach out to us to discuss your business’ needs so that you can receive the best value from our licence. Our goal is to support your business’s growth by providing affordable, pre-cleared, blanket permissions to reuse copyrighted content in a way that is compliant for all employees within your organization. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about how our licence can benefit your business and to receive a customized quote.

Who uses an Access for Business licence?
Many types of businesses, from law firms to financial institutions, biotech/pharmaceutical, engineering, consulting agencies, and so forth can reuse and distribute print and digital content without concern for copyright infringement through an Access for Business licence. With our annual, comprehensive licence, any employee in your organization located in Canada, including individual consultants, can share and receive copies of copyright-protected content. And, under our multinational Access for Business licence, all employees, regardless of geographic location, are covered.